Introduction to the reflectance hyperspectral imaging

The module provides some basics about the reflectance hyperspectral imaging: principles of the technique, instruments, data collection process and applications to the art conservation field are illustrated. Moreover, the difference between hyperspectral imaging and an analytical approach using spot analyses spectroscopic techniques and multispectral imaging are discussed. The “image cube” data set is presented, showing how to exploit both the spatial and spectral information about the polychrome surface examined.

2 hours

Marcello Picollo

Graduate in Geology at the University of Florence, with PhD in Photonics (thesis title: “Study of artworks by using non-invasive UV-VIS-IR spectroscopic and thz-TDS imaging techniques”) at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Joensuu (Finland), has been a researcher at IFAC-CNR since 2001. Since 1991 he has been working in the study of works of art using spectroscopic techniques. In particular, he deals with the analysis of artistic materials, such as pigments and dyes, using specific spectroscopic techniques and non-invasive areas. Since 2009 he has been responsible for the SABeC Research Group Spectroscopy Applied to Cultural Heritage.