Consent form for the use and publication of images and videos

In the capacity of subject interested in the processing,

in accordance with articles 10 and 320 cod.civ., articles 96 and 97 law n° 633/1941 on copyright,  hereby


to the FONDAZIONE CENTRO PER LA CONSERVAZIONE E IL RESTAURO DEI BENI CULTURALI La Venaria Reale, the authorisation for the diffusion and publication of audio-visual and photographic material related to his/her own person and his/her intellettual work, in addition to the products made in the context of activities, projects and/or training, educational activities or social events, etc.


the possible registration on search engines and the possibility that the image is published through the web, the press and any other mean


All means of publication and use of the images as above, with the sole limitation that the methods of use are not such as to affect honour, reputation and decorum.


Free of charge, without limits of time, also pursuant to articles 10 and 320 cod. Civ. And articles 96 and 97 Law 22/04/1941 n.633 (Copyright Law) the publication and/or dissemination of the above video-photographic-audio material without temporal and/or geographical limits and without limits of means of dissemination. The image and/or video recordings can be used in any format or adaptation, also using one or more details of the same or in conjunction with other images, or video montages. In addition, he/she authorises the storage in paper and/or digital form and acknowledges that the publication will also take place by quoting the name and surname of the subject.


that the published materials comply with the following requirements of current legislation:

• do not infringe the rights of third parties (including intellectual property rights);

• are in their full and free availability, having in this case acquired by any third party entitled on them express permission to publish on the internet.

In assuming full responsibility for the published materials, the undersigned exempts from liability the FOUNDATION CENTER FOR THE CONSERVATION AND RESTORATION OF CULTURAL HERITAGE “La Venaria Reale”


not to have anything else to claim for the use of images and videos.