In the first week, the participants will be introduced to the concepts of "heritage" and "conservation", through specific case studies and practical workshops that will allow them to deepen the recognition of "values" related to the cultural heritage. The topic of the multidisciplinarity in conservation will also be presented, with reference to the integrated approach, further investigated in the following weeks, and the different perspectives of analysis of the work.
The theoretical analysis will be boosted by guided visits to the CCR, the Royal Palace of Venaria and the Museo Egizio, in Turin, which will provide participants with further insights on the concept of heritage and its conservation. In particular, the visit to the Museo Egizio, followed by a guide of the museum and the tutor restorer, will be an opportunity to explore historical collections, observing a virtuous example of dialogue between conservation, engagement and enhancement.
During this week, the training course on the topics related to the safety in the workplace, will enable participants to become aware of good practices and behaviour in preventing risk situations for operators.
During the last day the path focused on educational issues will start, with the purpose of introducing, through experiences and case studies, the participants to educational projects, from their design to implementation, and to the methodological approach based on the correlation between the story of the life of heritage, made of objects, sites and traditions, to the one of the living people.



Dotazione tecnica
  • Computer o tablet
  • Connessione internet a banda larga
  • Speaker o auricolari
  • Microfono e webcam