Introduction to the microverse

A brief presentation of the world of micro-organisms (The Microverse) will help to introduce a subject that is still little explored and will lead to new knowledge and applications. Bio-cleaning using bacteria and bio-based products will be introduced as a feasible and widely applicable technology for innovative and sustainable restoration, explaining the features of selectivity, gradualness and respect for the material. Some considerations on the potential target market will be introduced.

2 hours

Anna Rosa Sprocati

Anna Rosa Sprocati is a biologist, former ENEA research-executive, professor and inventor of a European patent (ENEA-EP-3046779-B1). Over 40 years at ENEA, she led teams working on microbial-biotechnologies applied to bioremediation/bioenergy/cultural-heritage. She held contract-professor positions at the University Sapienza, teaching “Environmental Microbiology applied to Cultural Heritage” (2004-2011) and “Environmental Requalification” (2017-2018). Anna Rosa served as independent-expert of the European Commission for the evaluation of PF7-KBBE-4 proposals and received the “ENEA Excellence” and “SMAU Smart Communities” awards. Currently, she is honorary fellow collaborating at Sapienza and Tuscia Universities and at cultural-heritage Institutions. She holds a biology-degree and attended biotechnology trainings at Paris-VII and M.I.T.



Flavia Tasso

She graduated in Biology at University “La Sapienza” (Rome) in 2000. From 2001 to 2003 she worked as a researcher in the pharmaceutical industry Merck-Serono where she was involved in the development of methods for the microbiological quality control of drugs. Since 2003 she has been working at ENEA (SSPT-PROTER-OEM) first as Research Fellow and then as Researcher. Her research focuses on microbial biotechnologies for environmental, industrial and cultural heritage applications, the characterisation of microbial pools and the isolation and conservation of microorganisms useful for bioremediation and biorestoration (ENEA-Mirri Microbial Collection). She is co-author of the European patent PCT/IT 2014/000246 and of scientific articles and book chapters on environmental microbiology, bioremediation and sustainable restoration.